The principals and staff of Anchor Point have an extensive history in wildland and wildland-urban interface (WUI) management. Our expertise has been utilized to participate in and provide development assistance with:

  • International Code Council (ICC) development of the Wildland-urban Interface Code, the Nation’s first building code for construction in the WUI.

  • Initial development team for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) FireWise program.

  • International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) “Leaders Guide to the Community Wildfire Protection Plan.”

  • Development committee for the National Hazard and Risk Assessment Methodology.

  • FEMA Technical Review Team - Gatlinburg, TN  Fires 2016.

  • FEMA Development Team - "Home Builder's Guide  to Construction in Wildfire Zones"  Technical Fact Series P -737  (2008).



 Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM

        Facility-wide predictive risk assessment and operational              web map interface

Angeles National Forest, CA

        Forest wide wildland urban interface assessment

Mammoth Lakes FPD, CA

        No-HARM risk assessment / CWPP Update

Central County FD, CA

         No-HARM risk assessment 

Steamboat Springs, CO

         Watershed risk assessment for fire impacts

Custom Wildfire Risk Assessments:

        Missoula county Montana

        Taos County, New Mexico

        Chelan & Cowlitz Counties, Washington

        City of Aspen / Aspen Fire Protection Dist.

        Cleveland NF , San Diego CA

        State of Nebraska

        Eagle & Gilpin Counties. CO

        San Bernardino County, CA

        Mountain Rim FSC, CA

Fire Management Plans

         Tennessee National Guard

         Oregon National Guard

          Los Alamos National Laboratory  (LANL), NM

Development Reviews / Land Use Planning​

       Safari Highlands Development- San Diego, CA

       Berlamont Estates, Vail Valley, CO

       Caribou Ridge, Nederland, CO


Watershed Protection

       City of Buffalo, WY

       City of Cheyenne, WY

       San Miguel County, NM

       Northern Water of Colorado, Berthoud, CO

       Taos County, NM



       HMGP Grant Reviews

       Post Wildfire Flood Assessment

       Standards Based Approach to wildfire

       Building Code Standards Trainings

       MAT response- Gatlinburg, TN

Expert Witness / Wildfire Investigation 

        Black Forest Fire, CO

        Sevier County, TN

        Cases in CA, TX and CO

Rod Moraga
Chris White

Mr. Moraga began working with the Anchor Point Group LLC in 1998, where he is CEO of the firm.  He leads the ecosystem management and prescribed fire divisions implementing comprehensive forest ecosystem plans.  He oversees the fire behavior analysis for hazard and risk assessments, prescribed burns and community wildfire protection plans.   He has instructed various NWCG classes from 100 to 400 level to local, state and federal departments.


Mr. Moraga has been working in natural resource management for over 30 years.  In 1988, he worked with the USFS on the White River National Forest in Eagle, CO.  His primary function was as a timber stand examiner and firefighter.  He later worked for the City of Boulder Open Space department as the Ranger Supervisor; responsible for law enforcement, search and rescue, fire and medical response.  In 1997, he became the Forest and Fire Ecologist for the department.  In 1999, he was hired by the Boulder fire department as the prescribed fire manager overseeing forest management and prescribed fires on the City's public lands until 2002. He holds a B.S. degree in Natural Resource Management (Forestry) from Rutgers University and an A.A.S. degree in Forest Recreation from Paul Smith’s College.

Mr. Moraga has numerous single resource qualifications through the National Wildland Coordinating Group (NWCG) including Fire Behavior Analyst (FBAN), Long Term Analyst (LTAN) Burn Boss (RXB2), Division/Group Supervisor (DIVS) and Type 3 Operations Section Chief (OSC3).  He served as a Fire Behavior Analyst for Rocky Mountain Incident Management Teams for 10 years.  He is currently the Chairperson of the Colorado Prescribed Fire Council.  Mr. Moraga has taught at the Colorado Wildland fire and Incident Management Academy since 1998.  He has also instructed at Wildfire Academies across the country.

Mr. White is the Chief Operating Officer of Anchor Point Group LLC. Mr. White has specialized in Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Management for over 30 years. He started his fire career in 1987 working with both the US and Colorado State Forest Service. After taking on the responsibility of pre-planning for approximately 1,100 subdivisions for wildland fire hazards and developing mitigation plans to reduce wildfire impacts, Mr. White became Colorado’s first county-level Wildland Fire Coordinator in Summit  County.

Mr. White has been a member of the Western Governors Association (WGA) Federal Fire Policy Review Committee, WGA Prescribed Fire Policy Committee, NWCG Hazard and Risk Assessment Methodology Committee, and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Wildland Fire Committee. He also represented the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) on the fire fighter cross walk and the IAFC's Leader's Guide to CWPPs.  Mr. White offers additional technical expertise as a Structure Protection Specialist to Type 1 and 2 National Incident Management Teams. As a certified Structure Protection Specialist, he is responsible for integrating fire-behavior modeling and structure protection tactics to develop structure protection plans for large fire events throughout the US.